Seal tough jobs in a flash.

For easy-to-achieve, continuous air and water barriers in the roof and wall assemblies, no matter what the turn, twist, curve or corner, seal them in a flash with ZIP System sealing solutions.

With 13 flashing options, ZIP System flashing tapes, stretch tapes and liquid flashings help lock out water and air around doors, windows, panel seams, foundations, and pipe penetrations.

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Sealing Solutions for Homes



Zipsystem Flashing Tape

Not your average tape, ZIP System flashing tape is made of an advanced acrylic adhesive technology, utilizing four distinct layers to provide a superior bond backed by a 180-day Exposure Guarantee1 to create a rigid air and water barrier with ZIP System sheathing panels.

Available in five sizes of various lengths and widths.

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Flash Tape Roller



Flash Tape Roller in Use
ZIP system Stretch Tape

ZIP System stretch tape easily stretches to fit sills, curves, and corners with a single piece without having to piece tape segments together. Made of a high-performance composite acrylic, the tape conforms to challenging applications and locks out moisture even over mismatched surfaces.

Available in five sizes of various lengths and widths.

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Zipsystem - liquid flash

ZIP System liquid flash is a fluid-applied membrane that easily flows into recessed windows and around penetrations and other hard-to-flash areas, in addition to sealing transitions from wall sheathing to foundations. Plus, the moisture-curing formula helps complete exteriors in the toughest conditions.

Available in three sizes.

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ZIP System™ liquid flash




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1. Limitations and restrictions apply. Visit for details.