Other Products

Residential Products

In addition to specialty products such as AdvanTech and ZIP System, Huber Engineered Woods produces the following residential products.

Huber Blue OSB flooring and sheathing panels are utilized extensively across residential construction as strong, high-quality flooring and sheathing panels that provide excellent weatherability.

Huber Blue Plus™ OSB flooring is a superior alternative for the builder who uses commodity panels. You can upgrade to a product backed by a no sand guarantee, while offering your customers an extended warranty.

Industrial and OEM Products

We have develop and produce a wide range of specialty products for applications in the transportation, millwork, construction, cabinetry, furniture, and other industries.

A new engineered wood panel specifically developed for industrial applications. Manufacturers will find that H.I.P. features provide excellent benefits that are not typically found with commodity OSB or plywood panels..

PerformMAX® 500 with Ovation® overlay is a moisture-resistant engineered wood product with a unique, integral surface that cannot peel or delaminate. PerformMAX's tough, durable Ovation™ overlay provides an ideal substrate for a variety of industrial design applications. PerformMAX panels meet FMVSS No. 302. US Patent 6,737,155.

Tru-spec® is a family of engineered wood products made especially for the millwork industry. Each product is manufactured by fusing a network of wood strands together with a water-resistant adhesive. The result is a strong, solid and stable part that is moisture resistant, easy to machine and 100% usable.