Protect What Matters

When we build homes, we do more than put up four walls. ZIP System® sheathing and tape protects what matters most, by giving you a strong, quality home that protects against moisture and air leaks.

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Discover the Benefits of ZIP System® Sheathing and Tape

Structural Durability

Long-lasting structural durability creates a sturdy building envelope homeowners can depend on.

Moisture Protection

A built-in, water-resistive barrier protects homes from the elements during construction and long after.

Air Quality and Comfort

An integrated air barrier helps reduce air leakage for an energy efficient home.



High-performance design combines quality and innovation backed by a 30-year
limited system warranty1.


Learn why ZIP System® sheathing and tape is the right choice.

Get the ZIP System sheathing and tape homebuyer benefit guide and learn the importance of choosing quality building materials for your home.

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1. Limitations and restrictions apply. Visit to learn more.