Huber Engineered Woods | ZIP System Long Length Sheathing

Go Vertical for a Great Build.

Get all the benefits of long length wall sheathing AND the superior moisture protection and air barrier that ZIP System® long length sheathing provides.

Any long length wall sheathing can reduce the number of horizontal joints and the need for blocking, but these walls still rely on traditional housewrap to complete the job. Only ZIP System® long length sheathing combines the benefits of a longer panel with the ability to completely eliminate housewrap. Can your long length sheathing do that?


See How ZIP System® Long Length Sheathing Stacks Up.

  Otherlong length panels ZIP System®long length panels ZIP System®wind zone panels
More efficient panel installation X X X
Eliminates blocking at horizontal panel seams X X X
Fewer horizontal seams X X X
Less panel cutting and waste X X X
Can be designed to resist combined uplift and shear X X X
Eliminate need for housewrap with built-in vapor permeable water-resistive barrier   X X
Enhanced drainage & optimal permeance   X X
Continuous rigid air barrier decreases unwanted air leakage for greater energy efficiency   X X
Backed by 30-year system warranty   X X
Long length panel, water-resistive barrier, air barrier, and seam sealer are an engineered system from the same manufacturer   X X
Structural 1 rating for 7/16", 1/2" and 5/8" sizes   X X

A perfect fit for every project.

ZIP System® long length sheathing comes in four convenient sizes, each with a purpose in mind so you have the right sized panel for the job.



ZIP System® Long Length Sheathing
Product Performance
PS2 Span
Evaluation Report
Moisture Management Air Barrier
long length 7/16 4' x 9'
4' x 10'
T&T 24/16 ESR 1473
ESR 1474
Drainage Efficiency
>90% ASTM E 2273

Water Vapor
12-16 perm ASTM E96B
ASTM E 2178
<0.02 L/(s∙m2) @ 75 Pa

ASTM E 2357
<0.2 L/(s∙m2) @ 75 Pa
wind zone 7/16 4' x 9' 1-1/8"
4' x 10' 1-1/8"